Signs point to tepid September job creation

"The jobs report number is quite positive. The consensus view had been plus-160 million jobs and the number came in at plus 224 million. Not only that but wages were up 3.10%, which is indicative of a growing economy. U.S. employers have added jobs for 105 straight months, by far the longest streak of job creation on record.

October 12, 2010 Despite creating 863,000 positions over the last nine months, private-sector job gains recently were overshadowed by government cutbacks. In September, tepid private-sector growth of 64,000 jobs was dwarfed by the elimination of 159,000 government positions, generating a net loss of 95,000 employees.

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All Signs Point to Pickup in U.S. Employment for March Get Ready for taper lite: 3 Signs the Labor Market Isn’t Picking Up September 9, 2013 by Russ Koesterich of iShares Blog Friday’s nonfarm payroll report was probably the most anticipated economic report in several years, but

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In my view, the economy is clearly very healthy and growing robustly even though September job creation was tepid at 134,000. 1 While this nonfarm payroll number was well below estimates and even further below my expectations, it was made up for by upward revisions to the August and July figures.

When the Labor Department announces the September job-creation numbers on Friday, presidential candidates will pounce, hoping to find data to support their talking points on the economy. For the past three months, the numbers have been favoring the incumbent democratic party.

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The threemonth moving average of monthly job creation slipped to just 121K. Over the past 12 months, monthly job creation in the U.S. has averaged 181K. So recent job creation performance is a clear step down from where we have been.

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At this point. job creation continues to be strong and inflation remains tame. "For the three years since I’ve been at the Fed, we have been surprised by the labor market. We keep thinking we’re at.

Fed Seen Keeping Easing Bias After tepid jobs report.. More to the point, including what is expected to be severe slippage in September job creation given hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria.